These things are very important to me. Please let me know if they resonate with you too.

My Priorities

I am passionate about equal rights for all people – especially for women and their rights to make the best decisions for themselves. Women are the backbone and souls of our families, our communities, our country, our world. They hold us up and they hold us together. If they are diminished, we are all diminished. Abortion is not something any women wants, but sometimes it’s what she needs, in order to be her best self so that she can be her best self for all that depend on her. She has the right to make decisions. The right to an abortion needs to be codified in law. This is an issue that can be acted upon in Concord.

I am passionate about kids – they are precious – and they are our future. We need to nurture and protect them so that they can become the teachers, workers, innovators, parents and leaders of tomorrow. Our country isn’t doing a great job right now regarding our kids. Our leaders, and sometimes even our parents, aren’t being great role models. Kids are concerned about their safety, their identities, their bodies, their education, their financial stability, their environment. There is a mental health crisis that we need to address. There are warning signs that we have to acknowledge. We need to get them help, without stigma or judgement, before it becomes so overwhelming that they shut down or act out. This is an issue that can be acted upon in Concord.

I am passionate about strengthening our public schools as well as allowing, and enabling, our teachers to teach our kids. We hire good teachers. They are assets, not adversaries. We need to let them do what they do best. Do you remember a great teacher in your past who had a lifelong positive impact on your life? I do. This is an issue that can be acted upon in Concord.

I am passionate about keeping our schools and communities safe from extreme gun violence while we work on the mental health of those who feel they need to lash out. I support the right of responsible gun owners to have non-weapons of war. There is no reason for non-military personnel to have assault style weapons and high-capacity magazines. If the philosophy of the right says that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, then shouldn’t everyone want to keep guns of mass destruction out of the hands of those with problems? The mass shootings by predominantly young men who obtain their weapons “legally” are giving responsible gun owners a really bad name. This is an issue that can be acted upon in Concord.

I am passionate about protecting our environment. We cannot continue to cast a blind eye to the problems that we have created. What we can do at a local level is work on multiple small steps that collectively will achieve results. People want to help, but aren’t sure how they can make a difference individually. This is an issue that can be acted upon in Concord.

There are many other issues that I care about – but I want to hear about what is important to you. Please share your ideas and possible solutions. I will listen!

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